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Christopher Kiblin is a Broker | Owner at Spartan Home Lending, Real Hustle Podcast Host and Author of Amazon’s bestselling motivational book “Own Your Day.” He is part of the Top 1 percent of Mortgage Loan Officers in the Country. Chris also holds multiple certificates such as Grant Cardone Ambassador Program, John Maxwell Master Coaching, and DISC Program. Christopher started working at the age of 11 when kids of his age were playing outside. Since childhood, Chris has had a lot of hardships and struggles on his back. His life was full of uncertainties and instabilities; he struggled in school and was even in a special needs class for English. To think he has now written a book.

Christopher’s parents divorced when he was one year old, not worrying about their kid’s future, making his childhood rough. After high school, Christopher joined the ARMY to get the discipline he needed. After getting out of the Army, Chris married the love of his life, Debbie. They had a struggling start as it was not easy for both of them. When Chris and Debbie had their first son, Alex, their life changed completely. Chris regards the birth of Alex as a turning point in his love life. Alex brought them closer and made their life worth living. Christopher put his business life on hold while he raised Alex and Brice. It was not until he was 45 years old that he hit rock bottom and decided to change who he was. Christopher went from being a bottom feeder loan officer to being in the Top 1% of all loan officers in the country.

Carrying the mindset of making things happen, Christopher developed himself as an author and motivational speaker. He wanted to share his wisdom with the struggling people around him so they won’t make the same mistakes as him. Moving forward with his pep talk skills, Chris started Real Hustle Podcast. The reason behind Real Hustle is his passion for helping the audience to learn about successful entrepreneurs and the best strategies in the marketplace. The show highlights accomplished people in their perspective field and takes the listeners along their journey, giving them behind the scenes look at what it takes to be prosperous in life. This show is a perfect guide for someone looking for knowledge and insight to uplift their game in life.

Christopher Kiblin

Own Your Day: 30 Days To Greatness

When I hit rock bottom and decided to change my life, I came up with a game plan on how to do it and that is what this book is about. In just 30 days I started to see tremendous amount of success in both my professional career and my personal life. Once I started having the success I had people keep asking me how did you do that, what is the secret and I loved sharing what I was doing so I thought why not put this into a book and help as many people as I can. Now the book can help you with things to get started on by changing your life however it cannot make you do it. You must have the mindset that I am going to change my life and I am going to take full control of it, and nothing is going to stop me. My philosophy is that I have one life to live and I am going to live it to the fullest and I want success in all aspects in life. My feeling is that if you are reading this you want that also and then this book is for you.


Real Hustle Podcast

If you are looking for inspiration, motivation, and real-world advice, look no further than the “Real Hustle” podcast. On this show, you will meet determined community individuals who have achieved great success through hard work and dedication. This show is hosted by Christopher Kiblin, an Area Branch Leader at Movement Mortgage and author of Amazon’s best-selling motivational book “Own Your Day.”

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